In 2016, Troop 221 is celebrating 43 years of Scouting in Plano.  We are a medium-sized troop with about 65 active Scouts.  Our goals are to deliver all that the Scouting Program has to offer with a particular focus on Character, Adventure & Leadership.

We focus on Character by expecting a great deal from our boys.  We have high expectations for the way that young men should act and treat one another.  Our boys are accountable to each other.

We focus on Adventure by encouraging our Scouts to plan and execute challenging outings.  We also send crews to at least 2 BSA High Adventure Programs each summer.  This past summer, we sent a crew of 8 to Northern Tier’s Atikokan base and a crew of 20 went to Sea Base to sail, snorkel & fish around the Florida Keys.  Next summer, we have 2 crews going to Philmont and another crew going to Sea Base.

We believe the only way to develop leadership is to practice leadership.  Our boys run the program with coaching and mentoring by adults who are keenly interested in their growth and development. We believe that Scouting is the greatest youth organization in the world and our goal for the boys that pass thru this program is for them to have a life-changing experience. For more information, please contact us here.

Sat 30

Philmont Trek

July 18 - July 30
Aug 02

Troop Outing

August 2 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Aug 09

Troop Outing

August 9 @ 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Aug 15

Pool Party

August 15 @ 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Character, Adventure, Leadership – That’s what we’re about!

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Recent Outings

Canoe Shakedown

In May, Troop 221 traveled to Camp Constantin for our annual canoe shakedown campout.  We use this campout to get ready for our Buffalo River Canoe Trip.  One of the ways we prepare is to keep the stoves in the trailer for this campout and only allow meals to be...

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In April, Troop 221 went to Collin County Adventure Camp for our 2nd “Chopped” Campout. The morning began with the boys building 2 fire pits for the camp.  Although we weren’t sure exactly what we were doing, the boys did a nice job.  We look forward...

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Patrol Olympics

In April, Troop 221 traveled to Meridian State Park and our campout theme was Patrol Olympics.  The Scouts were put into 5 mixed-age patrols for the days’ competitions. The events were: Assembling and lighting a lantern Making a Travois to carry a Scout with a...

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Recent High Adventure Trips

Buffalo River Canoe Trip ’16

Our 6th Buffalo River Canoe Trip was outstanding.  We left at 6:00 am the day after school got out, made the drive to Silver Hill, AR, got our equipment loaded into canoes and managed to get a couple miles down the river.  It was a heck of a always. For this...

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Sea Base Sea Exploring

Last summer, we took a crew of 20 to Florida Seabase for a Sea Exploring Adventure.  On the front end of our trip, we spent a day and a half exploring Ft. Lauderdale & the Everglades.  We took an Airboat Tour and had a great time hanging out at the hotel pool....

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Northern Tier

In the Summer of 2015, Troop 221 sent a crew of 8 on a Northern Tier Fishing Expedition.  The expedition departed from Atikokan, Ontario.  Two of the 8 Scouts completed their Triple Crown on this trip.  One of the many highlights of the trip was creating a sail out of...

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