Written by Nate Schmerker:

The Canoeing campout was one of my favorite campouts, because I can canoe peacefully (sometimes) and enjoy the natural peacefulness of the lake and most important of all, King of the Dock, a game we play on the artificial dock. The game is based around a King of The Hill style of game, kids running around and pushing each other off of the dock. It was very fun and exciting to do! Though, the camp out wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. As for the morning part, we were berated with horrible rain and lightning. But when it got close to lunch time, the sky cleared up and we were able to canoe and continue the campout. About the canoeing part, it was somewhat eventful for me but still fun and enjoyable. I was able to row my own canoe by myself, though I did get flipped easily by other canoers. In all, the campout was fun and enjoyable and I would recommend anyone to go on the campout!