Written by Nate Schmerker:

The Chopped campout was full of competition, cooking, smiles and delicious dishes. This campout was also the first “actual” campout for the TFCs (Trail to First Class), i.e. first-year scouts. They got to experience the fun and activities our troop partakes in on our campouts… like the Blackhawk’s famous role-playing, the campfire on the Saturday night and our Cracker Barrel on Friday night! On this campout, we did the Chopped! competition where every patrol got two TFC’s. Every round, they would be given an a meal to cook under a time limit. The TFCs and one other person from the the patrol would go and grab food from the “Pantry” and would have to carry the food back in one minute. After that minute, it was straight to cooking! Everyone was cooking, either mixing some liquids, cutting some greens or cooking some meat! In my words, the Chopped! campout was very fun!