When we had our planning conference last year, the boys spent a lot of time planning a “LARP” campout.  LARP stands for Live Action Role Play.  We’ll build swords they said and we’ll have battles in the woods.  The adults were a bit skeptical but we told the boys that we’d trust them with it.

Camp Pioneer is a place that we’ve wanted to check out for awhile; it’s a BSA Camp at the base of the Ouachita Mountains.  We arrived at camp around 11:30 pm on Friday and were greeted by the Camp Ranger and a campfire.  The ranger couldn’t have been nicer or more responsive; he was a gracious host all weekend.

Saturday we woke up to some amazing Fall weather (finally)!  The boys did the usual breakfasts, everything from pancakes to monkey bread to chocolate stuffed beignets.  After breakfast, the pvc pipe, pool noodles and duct tape came out of the trailer, the Scouts were organized into teams and the sword building began.

When the teams were ready, Christian and William started laying out scenarios and rules and the games began.  There were team matches and 1v1 contests on the stage before lunch.  After lunch, the boys played more team matches and ended with an epic game of capture the flag at a campsite with several forts.

After dinner, the boys cleaned out the GaGa pit and played GaGa Ball until dark.  The LARP Campout was a success: everyone was exhausted and most importantly still had all their limbs intact.

Sunday morning, we packed up and went up to the Talimena Scenic Byway for our Scout’s Own Service and Roses, Buds and Thorns.  After RBT, the Titans were awarded the Golden Spoon for winning the dessert contest.  The winning dish?  Flan, made from scratch – cooked in a water bath in a dutch oven and drizzled with homemade caramel.  Despite being our 2nd year patrol, the Titans are…well, Titans in the kitchen.

Enjoy a few photos below; these and plenty more are available on our SmugMug site.  Thanks to Mr. Boyd for bringing his camera and assisting with the photog duties.