In April, Troop 221 traveled to Meridian State Park and our campout theme was Patrol Olympics.  The Scouts were put into 5 mixed-age patrols for the days’ competitions.

The events were:

  • Assembling and lighting a lantern
  • Making a Travois to carry a Scout with a splinted ankle
  • Tying 5 knots & lashings
  • Building a fire, popping & eating a container of Jiffy Pop
  • Making a pancake, flipping it over an 8 foot line and eating it
  • Cutting PVC to build a marshmallow gun and hitting 5 targets
  • Shooting whiffle balls with a 3-man slingshot at various targets
  • 50-question Scout Trivia contest

We also had our customary “Golden Spoon” dessert contest and the oldest patrol edged out the other patrols by cooking a crazy trio of peach pie, ice cream and chocolate souffles (with a cream anglaise, of course).  The Titans made chocolate mint cookies with mint ice cream, the Cobras made an enormous chocolate chip cookie with whipped cream and our TFC patrol made a triple chocolate brownie.

In addition to cooking an award-winning dessert, the Bucks/Phoenix made stuffed chicken for lunch, a sous-vide steak for a snack and rounded dinner out with smoked ribs.  Our Scouts have taken cooking to another level.

Enjoy the photos..there are plenty more on our SmugMug site.