Last summer, we took a crew of 20 to Florida Seabase for a Sea Exploring Adventure.  On the front end of our trip, we spent a day and a half exploring Ft. Lauderdale & the Everglades.  We took an Airboat Tour and had a great time hanging out at the hotel pool.

After arriving at Sea Base, we were checked in, issued snorkeling gear, did swim checks and got setup in the dorm.  We played cards and hung out after dinner until lights out.  The next morning, we packed our boat gear, put all our food in coolers and loaded up in vans to make the trip to Stock Island, where our boat was docked.

When we arrived at the marina, we switched places with the homebound crew and proceeded to load the boat, ice the food and meet the crew.  Our crew consisted of two mates and two captains.

After shoving off, we motored out to our first reef to do some snorkeling..the first of many snorkeling stops.  After snorkeling, some swam, some fished and others played cards.  Thomas, our Crew Leader, completed the duty roster so we’d know who was cooking and cleaning and who would be on anchor watch each evening.  Anchor watch consisted of a 2 hour shift from 10 pm to 8 am; we did them in teams of two.  The anchor watch team had to stay awake to watch for other boats and make sure our boat stayed put.

Aside from an adventurous day in port at Key West and an outing to grill burgers and swim at Bahia Honda, our week was pretty simple.  Fish, eat, snorkel, nap, play cards, sleep on the deck of the boat and…repeat.  It was the most relaxed high adventure trip that we’ve participated in.  Our trip concluded with a final night at Sea Base, where we played volleyball, bean bag toss and had a luau.

Sea Exploring was a great trip, full of spectacular sunrises and sunsets, lots of open water, Cuban coffee and laughs.