Day 1

Sun, Jun 24, 11:28 PM

Hello from Camp Rainey Mountain (CRM)! I now know why they call it Rainey Mountain. It rains around 4p apparently – every day. So I hope your son packed his rain gear otherwise he will get wet. I was also hoping to really rub it in about our weather being so much better than yours. Right now it’s around 66, feels like 77, with 95% humidity. In Plano now it’s 88, feels like 92, with 55% humidity. So I can’t REALLY rub it in, but I can rub it in some especially with the breeze. So yeah for us!

Needless to say it has been a long day. And attempting to sleep on a bus does not count as a nights sleep. I think I “woke up” a few times thinking I was going to fall off the seat. We left Plano later than what we wanted and that set us behind most of the time. However, we made it to camp early. We had some exciting activities along the way. We watched a few movies. We watched a wonderful documentary about bees and how the collect honey and pollinate plants (you know, Bee Movie… Jerry Seinfeld), one of the 800 Marvel movies (Black Panther), and a movie with a talking raccoon and dancing sprout (Guardians of the Galaxy 2). I know, it’s not that many movies. People didn’t bring many movies. Many scouts were watching or doing things on their own devices. Times are a changin’.

We had out first junk food stop, I mean bathroom stop, in the hopping town of Minden, LA. We traveled onto Meridian, MS where we did our driver change. It is interesting how a stop at 230a and scouts still wanted to buy food. Mr. Buercklin got a 24 oz. coffee. It did not smell good at all, but, I wasn’t the one drinking it. We then drove to Tallulah Gorge State Park for a continental breakfast. You remember I said we were behind schedule? So we went to one of the viewing areas for the gorge. I felt like Clark Griswald in Vacation. We walked down (only a couple hundred yards from the parking lot), I nodded my head a few times, and said “Let’s get back on the bus!” So if you have the chance to come to the Gorge, stay longer than us. We then drove about 15 min. to Clayton, GA for lunch. Now keep in mind, we are behind schedule to start and we just had some breakfast and then we go have lunch. I learned at a younger age – you eat when you have the opportunity and we all embraced that. We wanted to go to Chik Fil A, but we remembered it was Sunday. So, it was Wendy’s and the DQ. Let’s just say the Clayton, GA DQ with one cashier wasn’t really prepared for our group. We ate and drove another 15 min. and got to camp.

It is very pretty at the camp. There are a lot of trees, hills, and a much different scenery than North Texas. It is a nice break. We aren’t the biggest troop, but we are the only troop from TX and we did travel the farthest. The one cool thing about some of the campsites here are the cabins. Yes, I know, I said the same thing when I first heard it, “Not very scouty.” The have an open door and 3 bunk beds that sleeps 6. However, the way the camp assigned the campsites we are split into 2 different campsites. Logistically it makes things more challenging and we are sharing campsites with other troops. But we will adapt and persevere. We will also show them our annual ritual of our Cornhole Tournament. It will be another great tournament.

We toured the camp and got an idea of where everything is located. It always takes us a day or so to get in the groove and learn where everything is located. We even had scouts locate the Trading Post even though it was closed. It’s nice of them to lay that ground work for the troop. One thing that is different is the dining hall setup. They have 2 dining hall sessions for each meal. Fortunately, we are in the first session (which means we eat first). But that also means we won’t get opportunities for seconds and we can’t waste time eating. Get your food, scarf it down, move on. Pretty simple actually. We also have to wear orange wristbands. So no, we did not go to a club in Atlanta, it’s for food.

After dinner we went to Chapel and Campfire. I saw the 2 big fire pits and I had thoughts from Woodruff in 2016 (how are they going to gloriously light the fire?). At Woodruff, they shot an arrow in the fire (multiple arrows). This year, 2 people, with 2 big sticks, with rags on the end dipped in Boy Scout water (that’s lighter fluid to you non-scouters). And since it rained today, they didn’t really light and they were working on the bonfires during most of the Campfire to ensure they stayed lit. One thing I enjoyed was the music they played. A lot of 80s music. One of my favorite 80’s hits was played and many of the people sang along! Very cool. It is also one of the greatest 80’s music videos. Watch and enjoy:

We have a busy day tomorrow. We are getting up at 630a. Morning flags at 730a. Breakfast at 745a. Panthers will be working on Trail to First Class Requirements before Period 1 which starts at 915a. They have a total of 3 periods in the morning before lunch. Lunch at 1215p. Period 4 starts at 2p with a total of 3 periods before dinner. Flag lowering at 545p, and dinner at 6p. There are twilight activities but we will also play Cornhole in the evening. We have this similar schedule on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a modification on Friday since it’s the last day. We are going whitewater rafting on Thursday. The younger boys will go on the Natanhala and the older boys on the Ocoee (same rivers we did while at Woodruff). We also plan to have our Order of the Arrow Callout on Wednesday night. More on those in later blogs.

Since it is late, I did not have an opportunity to upload photos for today.  We will upload a lot more photos tomorrow.

And our award winning feature of “Things Scouts Say” is neither award winning today or fulfilling. I think they are too tired. Don’t worry – this will get better. And we will also get “Things Adults Say” as well. But we do have one entry for the “Things Scouts Say.”

“You don’t see trees in Texas!”

Until tomorrow, have a good night.

Mr. Meaders

Day 2

Mon, Jun 25, 10:03 PM

Good evening parents! (Your response is supposed to be Good Evening Troop 221!). Not very spirited parents – it needs some work.

Today was our first full day of summer camp. We woke up at 630a, and let me tell you, it was challenging waking up. And I am not just talking about me. The first day is a challenge for everyone. Trying to figure out where everything is located. Getting into the routine. Remembering what stuff you need to take and when. Going to the Trading Post and buying kits for the crafts (which isn’t cheap). And everyone is tired from the lack of sleep from the day before. These comments are especially true for the TFCs. But, we are Troop 221. We adapt and overcome. Tuesday is a lot easier on everyone.
You know your SM is a busy and tired guy when he forgets his own birthday. Yes – our Mr. Buercklin is such a young lad and his birthday is today. The troop sang happy birthday to him before morning flags, and yes, he was very surprised. 🙂
There are a lot of merit badges available at CRM. I will be visiting more tomorrow and they should really be getting into the fun parts of the merit badges. Typically the first day is going over the paperwork or the more mundane aspects of the merit badge requirements (but still important). Cooking talked about food safety, how to prevent salmonella, and treating cuts and burns. They have a full outdoor kitchen for the Cooking MB – it’s very sweet. Personal Fitness discussed signs of illnesses. Lifeguarding did a 400 yard swim including certain strokes on your stomach and back. I am looking forward to checking out the shooting MBs tomorrow.
So a few words about the important things at camp – food and bathrooms. The food… is OK. It’s edible. It’s pretty warm. It fills you up, along with the salad and PB&J bar if you like. No one is complaining, but we aren’t providing 4-5 star reviews on Google either. Now to the bathrooms. For those of you who have seen my wonderful blogs from previous years, the “king” of the bathrooms was Camp Woodruff (also in GA) in 2016. They were spa-like. This year, the adult bathrooms are not spa-like. I did find the best adult bathroom and they are roomy, but not as nice. It did have hot water (but with the weather you don’t need it very hot). The scouts bathrooms are about as spacious as the bathroom on a plane (OK – a little bigger since they include a shower). But you get the picture. Needless to say, I was spoiled by my first summer camp as an adult.
Camp Rainey Mountain lived up to it’s name again today. 4p rolled around and I thought, hey, maybe we won’t get any rain today. Well, I was wrong. It showed up a little later and it has lasted a lot longer. We weren’t able to start Cornhole today. If the bags get wet you get corn meal. So, that’s not very good. We did find a place where we can set up the boards. We are going to make some adjustments and we should be in pretty good shape. The boards will be in the campsite with the Titans, Panthers, and TFCs. All other patrols are in the other campsite. The adults are down the road in the motel. I’m kidding, I’m kidding… Last night was my first night in the un-scouty Adirondack cabins. We had a fan going (adults get some privileges – we got a cabin with power!). It was nice having the breeze. And then if I turned my head a certain way in the morning, there was the sun. Luckily, it was about time to wake up. I don’t want to put my head next to Mr. Allen’s feet – not a good way to go to sleep. So the cabins are pretty good.
And… we have some pictures! These aren’t all the pictures. The WiFi is not very good here so I didn’t upload everything. Once we are back in Plano, I will upload the remaining pictures for each day. But, you will see your scouts in action. You don’t see your son? Well, then he’s probably lost. We have to Saturday morning before we leave. We’re pretty sure we will find him by then. So, don’t worry. You may see their picture tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day…
And now, the moment you have been waiting for since June 2017. Things Scouts Say and Things Adults Say. Keep in mind, there is context to everything. And this takes a day or two to warm up to full speed. 🙂
Things Scouts Say
Adult: “Do you have any money?”; Scout: “Yes.”; 20 min. later. Scout: “Mr Spears, I don’t have any money.” (Of course, a TFC)
“If it is a lake I have to have my goggles. If it’s a pond I don’t.” (This was a lively discussion among the TFCs. The adults of course don’t know the difference since the water is the same. Kid logic.)

Things Adults Say

“Sorry – I just put my hand in my pocket and made it go.” (The walkie talkie! The walkie talkie. Geez…)
“He said duty… ha ha ha.” (Get it. Like doody??)
“It’s your own boob sweat. Why do you care?” (We have 2 adults wearing camera harnesses and it causes an increase in the amount of perspiration on your chest. So this was strictly a medical discussion in non-medical easy to use words.)
“I didn’t say you had to agree or disagree with me. I just said shut up.” (As said by the SM to a certain ASM in a joking fashion. And no, no scouts were around.)
“What was that?!?!?!” (Watching the SM trying to read an email and falling asleep while reading the email and his hands seize up in the process.)
“Mmmmm… I love the foam.” (Root beer float. Enough said.)


We should get some more quotes from the scouts. But the adults are definitely doing their lively part.
Until morrow….
Mr. Meaders


Day 3

Tue, Jun 26, 10:39 PM

Tuesday was a much better day than Monday. We are getting our groove on. We know where to go, what to do, but a few still forget a couple things they need for each activity. This is normal for the younger boys especially. Tomorrow will be even better.

I went and checked out Welding. It’s a pretty cool setup. They have 4 different welding stations with special tarps setup so the welding arcs don’t hurt your eyes, but you can see into each station. They were starting to practice welding by writing their initials. Apparently when you weld, you have to weld in slow little circles in order to go in a straight line. So I learned something today too. They also talked about different welding professions (e.g. structural, underwater, shipbuilding, etc.) and the different salaries of those professions. That’s the purpose of the merit badges – to expose scouts to different things, teach them about it, and see if it piques their interest for a future career. Your boys will be so far ahead of their peers after they complete their scouting career which reap huge benefits for college and their adult life.
Shotgun MB started shooting today. They were practicing on aiming, where to shoot the clay when it’s moving, and follow through. Lifesaving worked on their rescue entries and that you need to talk to your victims to keep them calm and help save them (so as to prevent them from trying to drown you while saving them). So that is a good thing. We have also been working with the Panthers on the Trail to First Class (TTFC) requirements. Panther Parents – your scouts will have homework to finish within the next couple of weeks. If they say nope, they aren’t thinking correctly. Trust me – they know.
I heard an interesting analysis about the differences in powdered and real mashed potatoes. We have a mashed potato connoisseur in the Titan patrol. The mashed potatoes here are powdered – like at school. Powdered mashed potatoes are very smooth, easily moldable, and white. Real mashed potatoes are more lumpy, you can see potato skins (which this scout doesn’t really like the skins), and they are not a regular white in color. So, if you are curious about the authenticity of your mashed potatoes, remember this blog. And as I said above, the boys will reap huge benefits for their future. 🙂
Cornhole Tournament started today but we are behind schedule due to the weather. JJ and Will are the Cornhole Commissioners this year. The SPL put together the teams and the bracket. But it is very interesting that the SPL and ASPL are on the same corn hole team. The SPL “randomly” drew names for teams?? Sure…
We have fireflies at camp!!
We have a couple unique activities tomorrow for the troop. We are responsible for the camp evening flag ceremony. We have something interesting planned for the camp. We will report it tomorrow. 🙂 And we have our Order of the Arrow Callout Ceremony tomorrow night. Hopefully the weather cooperates and doesn’t mess with it. The Order of the Arrow (OA) is the National Honor Society of the Boy Scouts. The OA candidates are voted by their troop members. It is an honor to be elected to OA. I will let you know how it went, but I won’t reveal the candidates. I will let your scout tell you.
One of Monday’s RANDOM and SENSELESS quips… In war it doesn’t matter who is right. It’s who is left. Think about it.
Today’s Things Scouts Say and Things Adults Say. And we have some more scout sayings (and the adults are still pulling their weight too).
Things Scouts Say
“Are those shorts kinda tight?” “Yes.” “They’re probably not yours.”
“I forgot my underwear!”
“#4 is down due to #2.” (Toilet issue)
“No talking while people are throwing.” (From one of the main smack talkers who talks when people are throwing)

Things Adults Say

“Your going to cut your foot and forget about your finger.” (Said to a scout wearing just socks outside of his cabin while worrying about his finger).
“I was drifting off and I saw the lights.” (Getting woken up unexpectedly in the middle of the night for a minor scout issue)
“The bathrooms in the Admin. Building were full, but it was worth the wait.” (Yes the bathrooms in the Admin. Building are cleaner, nicer, and you don’t have to worry about your shorts getting wet.)
“No tomahawk throwing during the game.” (The scouts should know better. You can’t throw a tomahawk during Cornhole! Mr. Meagher – no corn hole boards were injured.)
“I had one and I could really work it.” (Reminiscing about butterfly knives from our youth.)

And we have pictures… You know how I mentioned the WiFi was kinda slow. Well, it’s slower than kinda slow and it’s spotty too. So I am uploading fewer pics while at camp. But just to give you an idea, I have over 500 pictures for today. So, be patient, you will get your “appetizer” today and main course after we get back to Plano.

Hasta la vista.
Mr. Meaders


Day 4

Wed, Jun 27, 11:24 PM

We had a good day today at Camp Rainey Mountain. Yes – it rained again today. And yes, it was humid.

First thing is the Titans were responsible for the evening camp flag ceremony. This morning they practiced marching to the flagpoles (there are 4 flags at camp), taking down the flags, folding the flags (US, state of GA, Ecuador since they have a staff member from Ecuador, and the CRM flag), and then marching back. I mentioned yesterday we had something interesting planned. As we raised the flags after our last practice run, we swapped out the state of Georgia flag for the state of Texas flag. We kept it on the down low – we just kept it to ourselves as a group/ troop. It was a glorious sight when the wind blew and the TX flag was shown. Some of the scouts did mention that other troops made some comments like “What flag is that?” or “Is that the Texas flag?” The Asst. Camp Director asked about the flag to us and we just said “What are you talking about?” He smiled. The Titans performed the flag lowering ceremony and they did a great job! As they came off the parade field, we swapped the GA flag back like nothing happened. The Camp Director said “That’s a great show of Texas spirit!” I love those Titans.
Tonight we had our Order of the Arrow (OA) Callout Ceremony. We did the ceremony differently this year. We had a small campfire and the ceremony was a very reverent ceremony. We have 3 scouts who are already members of OA (JJ, Jack, Cameron) and they ran the ceremony and called out 3 new candidates. I will let them tell you when they get home. The troop was all gathered for the ceremony. We started the ceremony after sunset so the setting of the fire and the manner in which the scouts performed the ceremony was great. I believe we have a new T221 tradition for OA Callouts.
The Scorpions are in full swing with COPE. Today they were on the climbing wall. The challenge was they had to get everyone up the wall. And once you were up the wall, you could help 2 people up the wall (from top), after that, you could not help people up the wall. So they had a couple people push the person up the wall (that person stop on their hands while they lifted) while a couple people up top grabbed their hands and helped pull them up. At the end, it is just one person and he has to find a way to get high enough so the people up top can grab him. Cameron did a great job and jumped high enough to grab a hand and he was pulled up. Pretty cool to see. Aaron was one of the people who was pushing from the bottom and mostly coordinating the effort. Afterwards, the whole group (which includes scouts not in T221) said Aaron was one of the leaders. Your SPL in action!
We had a few adults go on a short hike today to South Carolina. They hiked about 7-8 miles. They said it was like walking through a rain forest with lots of plants, greenery, etc. And extra humid.
Tomorrow we have an action filled day. We are not doing camp activities or merit badge classes – we’re all going whitewater rafting! The TFCs and a few other scouts who aren’t old enough are going on the Natanhala River in North Carolina. The Natanhala is a beautiful river. It has a constant water temperature in the low 50s and it’s the coldest river in the southeast. It’s got a few rapids but it’s a pretty relaxing river.
The rest of the troop is going on the Ocoee River in Tennessee. This river is action packed with Class IV and V rapids. We leave CRM around 830a and get back around 430-5p. We will then get pizza (the staff tells us there is a good pizza place in South Carolina) and we will eat together back in our campsite.
Cornhole is continuing. We are having some great games and enjoying sitting around together laughing and watching the games. This is a wonderful T221 tradition.
This afternoon the Titans decided to start singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I have no idea why. But it was funny and they enjoyed it.
And now, time for our next segment of Things Scouts Say and Things Adults Say. Cornhole allows us to get some gems and we now have more Scout sayings!
Things Scouts Say
Adult: “Do you need any meds?”   Scout: “Yes.”   Adult: “What do you need?”   Scout: “Not Tums.”  (This older scout is familiar with the T221 method of Tums curing almost anything and knows that’s not what he needs).
“I throw up.” (Sometimes you just need to do that.)
“I don’t know how I did that.” (A TFC who managed to button his scout shirt to the shirt underneath.)
“Why do you have chocolate syrup Mr. Buercklin?”  “Chocolate milk!!”
“Every time I wake up my voice is deeper. I am Morgan Freeman when I wake up.” (Classic!)
“We see your bed shaking from scratching.” (We have a scout who apparently attracts mosquitoes and he cannot stop from scratching and he doesn’t get any anti-itch cream either.)
“Mine is uglier than that.” (Apparently they were comparing crafts projects.)
“Moist is the weirdest weird.” (I agree it is weird.)
“Staphylococa… it’s a word.” (hmmm….)
“Im a germaphobe with claustrophobia.”   Other scout: “Then how are you a Boy Scout??” (Very good point.)
“Hey, my mom actually cares about me.” (The reaction of a TFC scout when he gets a care package.)
“America believes in you.” (Encouragement before a game of Cornhole.)
“Mmmm… sugar.” (A scout commenting on his melted ice cream.)
Adult: “What did your mom send you?”  Scout: “I’d rather not say.” (This adult knows this scout’s mom makes great cookies.)
“I’m not even a cripple anymore.” (In reference to last year’s summer camp injury.)
“We ready!” (About to play Cornhole of course.)
Adult: “Did you pack your swimsuit?”  Scout: “Almost.” (How do you almost pack something???)

Things Adults Say

“Holy smokes. Looking at the pictures, I had no idea how gray the back of my head is. I think I need some Just for Men after camp.” (Picture a little tear falling from my eye…)
“Operation Texas is complete.” (In reference to swapping out the GA flag.)
“I’ll hit that on the way home.” (What was meant was that we would get some water on the way back to the campsite. We have been here 3 days and it’s already home to us.)
“Where’s your box kid?” (An adult wanting some of the goodies in a care package.)

Next verse, same as the last verse… Slow WiFi = not many pictures being uploaded.

Also we may not have pictures for tomorrow due to being on the river all day. So, if we do upload any, think of it as an early Christmas present from your friendly ASM. 🙂
Chat at you later.
Mr. Meaders


Day 5

Thu, Jun 28, 8:57 PM

Hello Parents. Today is going to be a little thin on the content. As I mentioned yesterday, we were all whitewater rafting today. So, no pictures (it’s hard to take a picture while having to keep 2 hands on your oar) and we were all in different boats and on different rivers. So this will be the short, but very sweet, blog. (But tomorrow will be abbreviated too since we have to pack tomorrow night).

The older boys went on the Ocoee River in Tennessee. We drove about 2 hours in a school bus to get to the outfitter. Oh, did I mention it rains here? It started pouring about 5am (it woke me up from my beauty sleep) and it kept raining all way until we got on the bus to go the river past 830a. The outfitter that we used has been around for over 30 years. They were the outfitter used for the 1996 Olympics for the kayaking events, and we drove past the event venue used for those Olympics on the Ocoee. We got our gear and drove down to the river. All the boys got their boat groups together (groups of 6) and left us adults last. Think of how it feels to be picked last for the football team as a kid… We didn’t even get picked. Just left behind like scraps. So, we got our own boat and Anna was our guide and she did great. Needless to say, the adults had a blast! The river was running high due to all the rain. There were waterfalls off the river coming off the mountains that you typically don’t see. The guides said we were fortunate to see them. We went through Class III and IV rapids (I thought we had Class V but I was incorrect). The water was pretty cold I might add. The boys had a blast as well. As we came off the river, we saw a lot of smiles on people’s faces. Mr. Buercklin, who has been on the Ocoee 3 times said this was the best one yet. Mr. Allen kept asking if we could do it again, or come back tomorrow.
The TFCs and a few other scouts went on the Natanhala in North Carolina. It is mostly Class I rapids with 1-2 Class III. It is a pretty tame river. Some of the younger boys were “nervous” on the river. But by the end they enjoyed it. Some wanted to do the Ocoee today while others believe they will be ready for the Ocoee next time. One boat was nicknamed the “Father, Son, and the Holy Boat.” There was a lot of praying on the boat apparently as they maneuvered around rocks and trees. At one point, they stacked 2 rafts on top of each other and boys were jumping off the rafts into the river. We didn’t do that on the Ocoee. So this was a great experience for the boys and the adults had a lot of fun as well.
After the rafting, each group came back to camp and a couple adults went to get pizza for the troop. The staff have the night off so the dining hall was not open. We ordered over 20 pizza and the pizza was good (and we were pretty hungry). It was a nice change in pace. Before and after pizza we had Cornhole games going and we did our mail call. Mail call is always fun especially when you have a set of brothers get one package! The strongest survive!
Tomorrow is our last day at camp. We have a normal schedule with the boys trying to complete all of their outstanding MB requirements. We also have to pack up our stuff which is always a treat. It’s amazing how the trunks/ bags seem to throw up every time we get to camp. I don’t understand. The adults luggage doesn’t get sick. Hmmm… We also have our Closing Campfire as well.
And now it’s time for Things Scouts Say and Things Adults Say.
Things Scouts Say
“Are Skittles bio-degradable?” (Um no. I think they have a half-life.)
Adult: “Where’s your rain gear?”  Scout: “It’s in my bag. I don’t want it to get wet.”  (???)
“I peed my pants to keep me warm.” (On the river so it’s OK.)
“I like that side because I throw straight. I throw curved on the this side.” (A scout thinking there is a huge difference on which side of the board you throw.)
“Your parents love you. I was right!” (Comments by his friend getting a care package.)
“All in favor of Mr. Buercklin stopping the bad jokes?” (Mr. B was TRYING to be funny during mail call but failed 🙂 ).
“That did NOT happen.” (When a scout accidentally falls and tries to be cool about it.)
“I’m not getting back in the boat.” (A scout on the Natanhala thinking there was a 30 ft. drop instead of only a 3 ft. drop. He eventually got back in the boat after this was discussed.  We didn’t leave him on the river.)

Things Adults Say

“Crack on crack.” (Our guide instructing us how to sit in the raft. Butt crack on the raft crack between 2 parts of the boat.)


Mr. Meaders


Day 6

Fri, Jun 29, 9:12 PM

Well, our time at CRM has come to a close. It has been a good week. The staff here have been awesome and very energetic. The facilities are outstanding. But I think the humidify today has been about 118% with sunny skies. So we will substitute it with 99 degree weather. We shall see how that feels Sunday morning.

A few pieces of information about our travel plans tomorrow. Please read this section. Right below. Coming up next…
  • We have an early start tomorrow morning due to when they will pick up our gear from camp. We are waking up at 430a EDT. So remember that when you see us Sunday. 🙂
  • Our bus is departing CRM at 9a EDT.
  • We will send out a Remind once we get on the road (and get decent cell coverage) that we have left camp and our approximate ETA to Plano 17 Acres. At the moment, our schedule is to arrive at 1a CDT Sunday (or for those of you that party into the night that is still Saturday night to you).
  • After lunch, we will send out a Glympse and give you an update on our ETA arrival at CRUMC 17 Acres.
  • We will need a few adults to assist the boys in unloading the luggage from the bus. If you can assist, we would greatly appreciate it.
  • Please don’t be late to pickup your son.
  • Please be sure and PICKUP ALL YOUR GEAR in the parking lot when we drop-off. Any items left in the parking lot will be donated to the dumpster (and maybe your scout if your late).
Since today was the last day, everyone was working to finish as much as they could of their merit badges. The Scorpions were at COPE and worked on the high ropes course. They climbed a big cargo net, climbed a giant ladder in which the next rung was about as tall as they were and swung around since it wasn’t fully secured to prevent it from swinging (on purpose), and the fun part – rode the zipline! Shotgun was completing their shooting requirement for qualification. For Shotgun, they had to hit at least 12 out of 25 targets in two 25-target groups (so to make the math easy for you that’s 24 out of 50 targets). The TFCs were finishing their crafts. Lifesaving was throwing weights into the lake and they had to search for the weight and bring it back to the surface. This is to simulate looking for someone under water. Due to the weather, we do not have a winner of the Cornhole Tournament. We got close to getting it done, but Mother Nature wasn’t in our favor.
We did ask some of the younger scouts if they had a choice to stay or go home what would they choose. We had a couple that said go home, a couple were indifferent, and a couple that wanted to stay a few more days. So, we had a pretty even mix.
And, the really fun stuff started this afternoon. Packing and cleaning! Yes, your scouts love this part. Love it like brussel sprouts, or going to the doctor for shots, or homework. It’s a necessary evil. We are also requiring everyone (including the adults) to shower tonight. So, they may not be fresh smelling when you pick them up, but they shouldn’t be too stinky. Or if they are stinky, we are just used to it. Please be prepared for some laundry that smells like sweat, lake water, and mold.
One of the adults is going to miss CRM so much he is going to simulate it so he can “ease” back into normal daily life again. He is going to throw a few cups of muddy water on the bathroom floor, add mold to the shower, make his wife wear flip flops in the bathroom, and for good measure, put dirt on the floor by the bed so you have to wipe your feet off before you get into bed to minimize the dirt in the bed. Now, your job is to figure out which adult leader. Good luck!
Oh, and sorry no pictures today. We have a lot to do tonight and we don’t have “picture patience” tonight with the WiFi, and getting the camp packed, and showering, and getting the merit badge details on the scouts. I will upload all the pictures to SmugMug and let you know when that has been done. If it’s any consolation, we did count the scouts tonight and they are all here. So, relax and breathe easier.
We do have a couple Things Scouts Say and Things Adults Say.
Things Scouts Say
This is a more a do. In Geocaching, a scout traded his socks and dental floss for a deck of cards. That goes to show you what scouts REALLY think about the Clean point of the Scout Law.

Things Adults Say

“I remember when dumbnut and his son…” (This was from a different troop. It made us giggle while we were busy at our Adult Leader Meeting/ Trading Post break.)
“Wash your hands cause they nasty.” (The Staff Leader to the Camp Staff. I think it applies to us too.)
“Put the TFC down.” (Scouts seem to like to carry other scouts around for no reason.)
This is the last blog for this year’s summer camp. I hope you have enjoyed them and gotten a glimpse of the fun we have experienced this week. The Adults have had a lot of fun and laughs. And so have your scouts. We have enjoyed being with them this week. If by chance your husband or scout says something weird or repeats things randomly, don’t worry. It will fade. If your confused, just ask if it’s a camp thing.
At the fireplace. In, the fireplace…
Mr. Meaders