Oct. Campout Registration is OPEN

We are a little late with this email – our apologies in advance. So, you will need to act fast. 🙂

It is that time again for… another campout! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the weather is getting cooler and we need to get to the outdoors again. Our next campout is next weekend, Oct. 9-11 at Dade Ranch. We will be inviting Webelos to the campout to help with our recruiting effort (think of it as T221 Webelos Woods). We will be teaching a Webelos Arrow of Light requirement Saturday morning, and our own mini Space X launches in the afternoon (we will just be shooting rockets, we will not have the Falcon 9 at the campout 🙂 ).

Registration closes: Sunday Oct. 4 at 8p

Meet at: 17 Acres on Friday Oct. 9 at 615p

Grubmasters: You need to have ice in your cooler when you arrive – no ice available from church.

If you borrowed a tent on the last campout, you need to bring it with you. WE NEED TENTS. (If you are not going on the campout and borrowed a tent at the last campout, please make arrangements to bring it Friday night.)

This is a regular campout, so the normal packing list applies (check the weather forecast for Leonard, TX and pack accordingly.)  The more boys that can hammock the better so we minimize tent use.

COVID Accommodations:  Hammocks are the best choice for social distancing of boys.  If you don’t have a hammock and you are concerned about your son sharing a tent with another boy then please let Mr. Buercklin know and your son may tent alone.  We want to keep this to a minimum though as our 2-boys-per-tent policy is about safety in numbers and your son’s safety is very near and dear to me.  Ultimately, we want as many boys camping with us as possible so if there are reasonable accommodations we can make for you to be comfortable sending your son please let us know and we’ll do our best.  We’ll travel with masks on in the cars.  If you aren’t comfortable with that then please consider driving your son individually.  The trip is right at an hour one way so it’s a very reasonable drive.

Thank you.

Mr. Meaders