High Adventure Poll for 2022 – Please Reply by October 18th!


It’s time again to let us know which High adventure treks you are interested in for 2022.  I know it’s a long way out but reservations for these are required 18-20 months ahead of time.
In 2022, the Phoenix patrol will be eligible for High Adventure.  The requirement is you must be 14 OR be 13 and have finished the 8th grade.   I recommend Sea Base for the younger boys but that isn’t a hard and fast rule.  Northern Tier is the most rigorous of the three and older boys are the most successful here, but again, that’s not a hard and fast rule.
We’ll base our reservations off of the results of the poll and then do official sign ups accordingly.  Generally speaking, those who respond to this poll will have first dibs for their preferred High Adventure trips.
Sea Base – If you want to do a scuba adventure then the whole crew must commit to becoming PADI certified before departure.  This will likely cost an additional $400-$500, but would be really cool.
Northern Tier – We will be doing the float plane option in Canada because it’s the highest adventure.  Go big or go home.
We’ll leave the poll open until Sunday, October 18th.


Yours in Scouting,

Frank Buercklin

Scoutmaster | Troop 221 | Plano, Texas