Lexington and Summer Camp Early Signup

Early signups are now available for the January Chill campout at the USS Lexington and Summer Camp at Camp Buffalo Bill, Yellowstone.

January Chill

We need to pay for the January campout 60 days in advance, so we need accurate numbers ASAP.  We cannot reduce our numbers once we reserve, we are financially responsible for the number of Scouts we commit to.  We can slightly increase numbers after the 60 day window, we just can’t reduce it.


USS Lexington, Corpus Christi – 1/14 – 1/17 MLK Weekend    Register Here >> https://t221.org/lexington-signup/

USS Lexington website: https://usslexington.com/

Join us for our January Chill campout on a US Naval Carrier that was commissioned in 1943, and was the longest serving carrier when decommissioned in 1991.  The USS Lexington is now a museum, and has many great programs for Scouts to enjoy.  The boys can enjoy watching a movie in the theatre, will experience a flight simulator and other activities as we continue planning.  Everyone will sleep below where sailors slept, but adults should be mindful – stairs are more like ladders, and they are steep!  Everyone is expected to carry their own gear and be able to navigate the descent into the ship.  Our plan is to leave Plano before 7PM on Friday, January 14th, and we will be back around 4PM to 5PM on the 17th, (Monday, MLK). The Troop will subsidize this trip, so the Scouts will only pay $100 for their stay onboard.  They will need a little bit of road money, but more to come on that and other details later.  Payment for this trip must be made 60 days in advance, and there are no refunds inside 60 days.  This campout looks like one they don’t want to miss, so register now!

Summer Camp

Our trip to Yellowstone will require meticulous planning, but first, we need to know who is going.  We may need to make tough decisions on which adults can go, and what modes of transportation we need: but for now, ignore all that and sign up if you are 100% in.  Once we have commitments, we can begin to work on logistics.  Registration opens up anytime now, and our first objective is to secure campsites large enough for everyone at Yellowstone and Camp Buffalo BIll.

Camp Buffalo Bill, Yellowstone – June 16th – June 26th 2022   Register Here>> https://t221.org/summer-camp-signup/

Camp Website: http://www.campbuffalobill.com/

Yes, it’s early to start talking about Summer Camp next year, but deposits are due soon, and we need a good idea on numbers.  Our plan is to leave early on Thursday, June 16th and arrive at Old Faithful the next morning.  We will spend 2+ days exploring Yellowstone before heading to Camp Buffalo Bill on Sunday, June 19th.  On Wednesday, June 22nd, the camp closes so Scouts can enjoy Yellowstone or Cody.  We will likely visit the National Rodeo Circuit in Cody that day.  Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic, Mammoth Springs, Hayden Valley and more are planned while in Yellowstone. Much more to come on Summer Camp, but we need a strong estimate on numbers as we expect registration to open up at any time.  Merit Badge and High Adventure offerings will be available once registration opens.  Camp Buffalo Bill is located 10 miles east of Yellowstone, so whether they take classes or do High Adventure: they will be surrounded by beautiful views, leading to unforgettable experiences. Costs are not yet known, but we are guessing about $100 – to $150 more than this year’s Summer Camp.  High Adventure participants will pay slightly more, but everyone I have talked to said it’s the best High Adventure experience of any Summer Camp. This is going to be a Summer Camp that all eligible 221 boys do not want to miss!

Chris Day
Scoutmaster | Troop 221 | Plano, Texas

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