Our annual Dade Ranch Shooting Sports Campout is the most anticipated weekend of our Scouting year.  Due to some crazy weather last year, we had to cancel the campout for the first time in 10+ years.  So, we had 2 patrols that hadn’t experienced the greatness of the Dade Ranch.

With 2 years of pent up excitement, we took a group of about 75 to the ranch this year.  Saturday started with some pretty epic breakfasts and a thorough review of the safety rules we had spent a few weeks talking about.

In the morning session, we ran 6 lanes of .22 rifle and 3 lanes of shotgun.  Each lane had their own coach or coaches in some cases and the boys did very well.  It’s always a joy to watch the young patrols learn how to operate the various rifles and shoot the 20 gauge for the first time.  The older boys spent most of their time shooting clays; they are crazy proficient.

We took a break for lunch and then went back for the afternoon session.  The .22 range switched from targets to plinking cans and the shotgun range switched over to a game where the 1st two lanes competed to see who could get the clay first.  In the end, we went thru hundreds of clays and thousands of rounds of .22, .12 and .20 gauge.

After dinner, we retired a bunch of American Flags (also pent up for two years) and then we lit a huge bonfire.  What an amazing weekend!  We are forever grateful to the Dade’s for hosting this event year after year.  So many great memories have been made at their place.