BOR at My Possibilities tomorrow

T221 Parents and Scouts:

I would like to recognize the hard work of the following Scouts who are ready for their next rank advancement.   


If you are a Scout who has completed all your rank requirements, please contact our Advancement Chair as soon as possible.  Then you must schedule and complete your Scoutmaster Conference; email Scoutmaster Mr. Day to get on his schedule.  When the Scoutmaster Conference is completed, our Advancement Chair will notify me to add you to our schedule for BORs.


BOR Adult Volunteers for Monday May 23rd, 2022 at My Possibilities (BOR Panels)

Group #1 Jennifer Henry

Heather McClure

Charles Taylor

Group #2 Sherrie Hudson

Owen Bishop

Chendil V

We appreciate the continued support of our BOR program from all of our adult volunteers.  I would like all BOR adult volunteers to arrive at My Possibilities by 7:00 PM (or slightly before if possible) on this night to get organized for the Board of Reviews.   I will provide the room numbers for each BOR Group tomorrow.

As a reminder, a Boy Scout should come to a Board of Review in his Class A uniform, bring his Scout Handbook, and “be prepared” to demonstrate his scouting knowledge.  Please remember that T221 considers a Class A uniform to include (at a minimum):  Scout pants/shorts, Scout belt (can also be the integrated Scout belt in the newer Scout pants/shorts), and a Scout shirt.  Scout hat and Scout socks are optional.

Thank You
Matthew Morrison
T221 Board of Review Chairman
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