BOR’s Monday May 23rd at My Possibilities

Hello Scouts,

We will be having our last BOR session for the Spring this coming Monday at My Possibilities.  I will send out more detailed info in a separate email.  We are going to have two BOR Groups working concurrently and will be able to accommodate up to 8 Scouts total ( 4 per group).
If you have already completed your Scoutmaster Conference with Mr Day, I already have you on my schedule and we will have your BOR on Monday.  Five Scouts are ready for their BOR as of right now.
If you are close, then don’t delay reaching out to Mrs Skidmore regarding completion of rank requirements.  We have spots for 3 more Scouts on Monday.  Once the available spots for Monday fill up, then you will have to wait until Summer Camp or the Fall for the next BOR session.
Mr Morrison
T221 BOR Coordinator

Troop 221 – Plano, TX
Character | Adventure | Leadership

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