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Push ups for Charity fundraiser will close on July 24th.  At that time we will take the $1700 raised, and submit to a selected business for a matching funds request.   There is still time to contribute, and read below if you need more information.
Per Trevor, you can also send via PayPal OR Venmo. Be sure to add comments stating, “T221 Push ups for ST. Jude Fundraiser.”
On Thu, Jun 30, 2022 at 8:50 PM Chris Day wrote:
Many of you will remember the Trading Post money collection the boys started at Summer Camp last year.  This year took on a whole new twist, and I couldn’t be more proud of the boys who came up with this.

Neil Roy was collecting quarters at Summer Camp, and in no time he had pockets full of change.  It was just for fun at first, but Neil realized he could easily raise money at the Trading Post.  Another member of the Phoenix Patrol, Jonathan Liang recommended that Neil should think about donating the funds to St. Jude, in support of their mission to help children with cancer.
With a non-profit identified, Neil formed a “Push ups for Charity” fundraiser.  Many T221 boys joined Neil and collectively did thousands of push ups.  This was supported and promoted by the Camp Buffalo Bill staff, and our boys even made a sign to explain their push up pricing structure.
At the end of Summer Camp, Neil and his crew had raised $853.00.  Early in the fundraiser, several parents committed to match the boys’ funds, although parents were thankful they capped their contribution; no one had any idea they would raise this much money!
With the boys money and parent contributions, they are pretty close to $1500.  We had an offer from a Scout parent to take the entire amount, once giving is completed, to their employer to possibly match the donation.
Please join me in giving to such an awesome fundraising effort by our Troop.  In order for this to go smoothly, we need to mail checks to:
Trevor Liang
Make the check out to “Plano Early Lions”, AND in the memo line write “Troop 221/Push ups for Charity.  
Please let me know if you have any questions…
Chris Day

Troop 221 – Plano, TX
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