West Texas & Summer Camp


West Texas
I am very close to completing all planning for West Texas, and please reference the attached document for planning and packing purposes.  The amount due now for West Texas is $135, and this may change by a few dollars – we reconcile all expenses for gas and food stops when we return.  Trevor takes all forms of payment, so please get with him on that.  We will cover West Texas in detail on Monday.  Please read the list and send me a heads up if you see a glaring typo or have a question.
Adults going to West Texas, feel free to ask questions now so we can be efficient on Monday.
Summer Camp
We will briefly cover Summer Camp on Monday, but you won’t miss anything important on Monday.  We have several boys needing to advance, so if you or your son is not going to West Texas; please consider contacting Mr. Morrison to sit on a Board of Review panel this coming Monday.
We will cover Summer Camp exclusively on Monday June the 6th at My Possibilities, 7PM.  All Scouts and Adults attending Summer Camp need to attend this meeting!
Medical Forms
Please have Parts A,B&C ready for Lauren Hamilton on Monday.  This is critical, and she does an excellent job of helping us be compliant.  Join me on Monday as I hand her my forms.
Thank you to those who have Volunteered to help at My Possibilities this Friday, and our contact clarified that ANYONE in Troop 221 is invited to help.  I believe we are up to 6 boys and 4 adults, so we are close to meeting their needs for 6 youth and 6 adults.

Chris Day
Scoutmaster | Troop 221 | Plano, Texas
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