T221 participated in a team building locking at Group Dynamix in Carrolton. We had a private room were the boys started with a few activities like protecting the bandana tied to their foot while trying to take the bandana from the other boys’ feet. They did other activities where finding the right partner to carry them was crucial. Attempting to get Scoutmaster Day out during the GaGa ball game in the inflatable pit was fun for many. Too bad for them he was very good at the game. Some of the boys headed over to shoot some hoops while others bounced around in the blob. With so many ropes courses to choose from there was no boring moment in sight. Whether it was ziplining, crossing the cheese wall, surfing the air, or trying your hand at the harder rope courses, everyone had fun. A few of the scouts tested their skills at climbing a “ramp” wall, and it’s tougher than it looks! Another favorite activity was glow in the dark dodgeball. Pizza, snacks, drinks and plenty of candy ruled night! There was certainly no shortage of fun, food, adventures and the building!