This year our annual cooking competition campout was holiday themed! The scouts started with an empanada (fried pie) competition for lunch. The troop provided the dough, and the scouts picked the filling and fry the empanadas. Then, for dinner, each patrol made a side dish to pair with our holiday dinner. The parents fried a turkey, and cooked mashed potatoes and corn for the troop. Finally, for dessert, the patrols competed in a hybrid “nailed it” / “cutthroat kitchen” dessert competition. They had access to a common pantry to bake a Dutch oven cake – based on an example provided by the adults. The scouts had opportunities to sabotage other patrols, which made it very exciting! We hade a pavilion near the woods with a large fireplace and heated bathrooms! It was cold but clear, so it made for great campint weather. And this year, our TFC’s took home the golden spoon for winning the competition.